2014 Graduates


2014 Graduates

Henry and Will began their friendship in November 2009.  Their match ended in 2014.  That is a 5 year friendship. 

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Ashlee and Melanie met in November of 2004 when Ashlee was just six years old.  They ended their match 10 years later in 2014 but their friendship has not ended but continues on.   graduates Ashlee and Melanie 10 years
Connor was part of a couple match with Dane and Lindsay which started in 2010.  Their match closed in the summer of July 2014 after being together for 4 years.  Graduates Dane and Connor
Rian and Tammy began their match in 2011 where they enjoyed getting together for two years when their matched closed in 2014.  Graduates Rian and Tammy
 Kayla and Tina met in December 2013 and had an instant connection.  Their match ended a year later in 2014 but has continued on.   graduates Kayla and Tina

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