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Kara's Story


Kara and Destiny were matched in July 2013. Their friendship continues to grow as they have fun together enjoying each other's company.

    I chose to become a Big Sister in my community 10 years ago this summer.  I remember seeing the big yellow signs around town with the number of "littles" waiting for a match.
    There were many factors to my decision. I felt that I could help make a little difference in someone's life (what I eventually found out was that the matches were going to also make a difference in mine!) and I had recently changed my position at work and had dropped down to part time to go back to school, and committing an hour a week was easy to do.  What wasn't easy was calling and setting up the first steps.  I was nervous.   When I finally got enough nerve to call one evening, I spoke to Richard and he was very good at easing my mind to what the basic expectations would be and what the next steps were going to look like....I've never regretted that phone call.  I met my little and we bonded and made an instant connection.  In thinking back, it was maybe because we were both so nervous, we comforted each other and didn't even know it.  She's going to turn 18 this year and we still keep in contact, meeting up when we can or calling and texting when something happens in her life!  We just recently met to celebrate her getting accepted into college (and teaching her how to drive)...a really big milestone in her life, I feel so proud and blessed to know her, she's worked very hard to get where she is! 
    I decided that after my first little and I graduated from the program, I wanted to wait and see if I was ready to commit to another girl. In the summer, 2 years ago, I talked to Sherry and she excitedly told me she had a couple of girls in mind but ultimately it was my choice.  After reading over the profiles, I found one that sounded like her and I had a lot in common.  
    After meeting, I knew it was going to be a change from my last match, but I was committed. Each time we meet I feel that we grow a little bit more of a connection!  
I feel that I have so much more perseverance, patience and space in my heart for others, than I did before I started being a Big Sister.  Both my matches are so different and each have brought out qualities I didn't even know I had.   
    The BBBS agency is such a pleasure to work with.  They are there when you need advice or any support with the matches, they provide outings that keep everyone who is involved in the agency a part of their family,  and are out in the community as much as they can be trying raise awareness and funds to keep this amazing program running.  I hope to be apart of it for at least another 10 years!!

Kara Matschke

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