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It's in the Simple Things We do Together


Justin and A.J. have been matched for a year.

I grew up in a house with sisters but I always wanted a brother.  I also wanted an opportunity to help youth in the same community that I grew up in.  So when I thought about volunteering I knew Big Brothers Big Sisters would be a great fit.

A year and half later I am enjoying being a Big Brother.  Not only am I making a difference in someone else’s life but my little brother is making a difference in mine.  I have watched my little brother go from being very shy to more confident, sociable and more talkative since our match began over a year ago.  That in itself is very rewarding.  It’s in the simple things we do like collecting beach glass, going swimming, and playing cards that we learn about each other and life.

I encourage other men to get involved as the need is great for male mentors.  The time goes by so fast and it’s not a chore at all to fit a couple of hours a week into your schedule.  Those couple of hours makes a huge difference to someone else. 


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