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Growing Together


We are growing together and learning new things all the time.

 I recently just graduated from Police Foundations at Fanshawe College. I have wanted to get involved in my surrounding community since my graduation. I have heard many great things about the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program. I grew up with older brothers who I always looked up to as a child, they taught me many things and getting involved with BBBS gave me the opportunity to be a play the role of a big brother. Since September of 2015 I have been matched with a young boy, we have a great time every time we get together. Our relationship is still very new at this point but has grown immensely since the first day we meet five months ago. He is a great kid and we have done many different activities together, he enjoys being outdoors and playing various sports but also learning things. We enjoy going to the local park in St. Thomas, Pinafore Park playing various sports or many making up our own games. Sometimes his older brother, who is also a member of the BBBS but does have a match, joins us for activities. He is very close with his brother and I find it important that he comes with us when possible. I thoroughly have enjoyed our time together and I’m looking forward to great times ahead with him and his brother. The BBBS program has been a great experience for me and I have tried to positive influence on his life as he has been a positive influence on me. We are growing together and learning new things all the time and our relationship is growing stronger with every time we are together. I’m glad that I joined BBBS, it was one the best decisions I have ever made. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to volunteer in their community, the BBBS program is an amazing program and if you have the time you should join.


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